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Crafted in-house using only the finest fresh ingredients.
No funny stuff. We’re 100% natural.

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That deep, golden crunchy crust you love so much? We topped it with the finest Italian mozzarella and other ingredients, then covered with our very own, homemade tomato sauce! It protects the ingredients from direct heat, helps them cook slowly and keep their, full, juicy, cheesy, overall delicious taste. Mamma mia!

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If today you’re feeling’ lazy come to Japes for Bolognese!
Our finest ingredients combined with the recipes of Italian Nonnas will take you straight back to childhood!

Discover the taste


22-25 Dean Street, Soho,
London, W1D 3RY

Working hours

Mon - Thu 12:00 - 23:00
Friday 12:00 - 23:30
Saturday 12:00 - 23:30
Sunday 12:00 - 22:00

What they said about us

"It didn’t take long for our order to arrive and when it did, my eyes literally lit up! I was impressed by just how indulgent the pizza looked as it was placed before me on a personalised ‘Japes’ pizza board."

"How do you add to the multi-cultural food scene of London? By offering a gut-busting menu of loaded deep-dish pizzas followed by sweet home-made waffles at a very reasonable price."

"It's been a mystery/source of woe at Londonist HQ for years that there isn't more Chicago-style ... But Japes is really, really good at what it does."

"Take it from our Chicago native reviewer – this deep dish pizza is the real deal. You can get it in two sizes: enough for you, and more than enough for you (or ‘sharing’). Their pot pies are like deep dish pizzas without sauce, with imaginative combinations for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike."

"So the big question, was it worth the 35 year wait for a new Chicago Deep Pan Pizza restaurant to arrive in London? My unequivocal answer is a resounding yes. I thought the pizza at Japes was better and I liked the light and bright feel of the restaurant."

"The pizza Gods understood sometimes we didn’t want thin crust all of the time and so created Chicago deep dish pizza and conveniently placed Japes in the middle of Soho, between Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Rd stations. If you love deep pan and cheesy, Japes is made for you."

"London’s best kept secret is out. Japes is the only restaurant in London where you can experience the real legendary deep pan Chicago pizza. If you love pizza with tons of topping and more melting cheese than Chesney Hawkes’ number one single, then read on."

"With a super thick soft base, gooey cheese and delicious tomato sauce their Chicago-style pizzas have created quite a stir judging by the steady stream of customers coming through the doors on a late weekday Wednesday night."

"For a city that’s so obsessed with the stuff, there’s surprisingly little on offer in the infamous ‘Chicago’ style. Japes offer a choice of either deep-dish – where the pizza is baked in a deep pan giving it its characteristically high edge, leaving ample room for cheese. As well as the ‘pot-pie’ which to the uninitiated is made in a ramekin topped with dough and baked like a pie, before being upturned to reveal the cheesy mozzarella topping!"

"Our favourite is the Bolognese Pizza Pot with bolognese sauce, mozzarella & mushrooms – it’s delicious."

"The new restaurant also boasts a wide and eclectic selection of cocktails and hardshakes."

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