Frequently asked questions

What does Japes stand for?


Jape – “An activity done to make someone laugh”


You see, according to the Cambridge online dictionary, we are a group of people in the business of making others happy. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


Thanks Cambridge!


What is a Deep dish pizza?


Invented in 1943 in Chicago, the deep dish pizza, as the name suggests, is prepared in a deep pan which gives it its unique shape and tall edges. Unlike traditional Italian pizza, deep dish pizza has crunchy, yet buttery crust, higher quantity of ingredients and the order in which those ingredients are laid on the crust is different.


How do you choose the ingredients you will use?


We strongly believe that every opinion matters and we love to do things together with our team – so we arrange a tasting with the whole team and then we just vote! The ingredient with the highest number of votes and richest flavour is the one we choose to use.


For our most popular pizza, Chicago Deep Dish, we tested 7 different types of pepperoni. The one we use now, won very clearly in our voting – out of 18 people and 7 options, 14 voted for this one.


Who are the people behind Japes?


Hi, we are Jovana and Alex and we are the owners of Japes! We established Japes at the end of 2018 when we were both 26 years old. As a couple we love doing things together, and doing business is one of them. Jovana majored in economics as one of the top students in her class, and Alex was a professional athlete competing in Kayak until 2014.


In 2012 he competed in the Olympic Games in London, and won the World Cup in 2013. What brought us together is Red Bull – Jovana was working in their marketing department back in 2014, and Alex was their sponsored athlete.

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